Magnum S45 CB Radio
OmegaForce S45 10 Meter CB Radio is a Microprocessor Controlled Transceiver 28.000 to 29.699 MHz Frequency Range 40+ Watts RF Output Power Uses Two 2SC1969 Final Transistors! Variable Power Output - In All Modes NEW! – TOP GUN Modulator Feature - 40+ Watts of Swing with 1 Watt Carrier on AM! NEW! – TOP GUN Compressor Feature Tailors and shapes the audio signal for maximum punch through heavy traffic AM / FM / USB / LSB / PA Modes 1 kHz / 10 kHz / 100 kHz Steps 5 Digit Frequency Display ECM Microphone with Up and Down Frequency Controls 5 Memory Channels - Saves Both Frequency and Mode Back Lit Display with Dimmer Dual S/RF Meters - Analog and Digital! RF Gain and Microphone Gain Controls SWR / Calibrate Meter and Controls 1 kHz Clarifier - Both TX and RX Noise Blanker and Automatic Noise Limiter (ANL) 2 Frequency Scan Modes - Squelched and Un-Squelched Last Channel Recall - Returns Last Operated Freq. & Mode Split Frequency Offset for Repeater Use Receive Audio Tone Control TURBO Digital Echo - A Magnum Exclusive! AMT - All Mode Talk-Back with Volume Control Roger Beep with On/Off Control MARS / CAP Compatible (Permits Required) 1 Year Warranty.

Magnum S9 CB Radio
MAGNUM S-9 50+ Watt,AM/FM/SSB/PA,10 Meter Mobile Amateur Transceiver. Six Digit Frequency Counter SSB Five Digit AM/FM Frequency Counter OFF Switch, Roger Beep, Double Barrel 4-Pin Microphone Jacks; one on each side. Variable Power Output Control TURBO™ Digital Echo with Dual Controls. AMT - All Mode Talkback with Volume Control on Front Panel TOP GUN™ Modulator - A Magnum Exclusive!· Turns the S-9's transmitter section into a modulator· With 1 watt carrier - swing to 50+ watts!· 100% modulation for un-believable power.· Modulator On/Off Control on Front Panel. TOP GUN™ Compressor - A Magnum Exclusive! · Compressor Improves Transmitted Audio· Helps Punch Through Crowded Airwaves. Exceptional Receiver Clarity. Blue LED Meter And Display Lights. Three Stage Dimmer. Smooth RF Gain Control. SWR Warning Light with On/Off Control Large Easy To Read S/RF Meter. Meter Light Changes To Red During Transmit +10kHz Switch Microphone and RF Gain,Noise Blanker / ANL. Fine And Coarse Clarifier For Adjusting RX & TX..
Magnum S3 CB Radio
MAGNUM S3 10 Meter CB Radio has AM/FM/PA Modes Power output for S3 (AM)10 watts carrier/40 watts PEP Power Output. (FM) 40 watts Final amplifier 2 x 2SC1969 S3 has Variable power control in all modes, Turbo Echo with dual controls on the S3, All mode talkback with S3 volume control on front panel S3 TOP GUN modulator with on/off control, S3 TOP GUN compressor 4 pin front panel microphone jack (standard wiring) S-3 6 position band switch SWR bridge & warning light Frequency counter jack S/RF meter +10kHz switch Microphone gain/RF gain Noise blanker/ANL.
S-3 comes with FREE schematic and parts layout diagrams